Monday, 19 November 2012

Why I love Roger Federer #3 - The Passion

I love Roger Federer's passion for the game of tennis...

Roger Federer shows his passion after beating Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros in 2011

We usually see Federer keeping cool and calm on court, not giving anything away, keeping his emotions under control.

But it's a special moment when he explodes into life...

Federer celebrates a point at the World Tour Finals in London in 2010

I love the moment Federer shouts "Come on!"

Federer shouts "Come on!" after getting the vital break in the 5th set against Gilles Simon at the Australian Open in  2011

I shout with him on all the big points...

Federer shouts in joy after beating Rafael Nadal at the World Tour Finals in  the championship match in London, 2010

It's the passion, dedication, commitment that show us all just how much Federer cares about winning, and if not winning, then losing after having given everything he's got.

Federer reacts after beating Tomas Berdych in five sets at the Australian Open in 2009

Keep the passion alive Roger!

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