Saturday, 17 November 2012

Why I love Roger Federer #2 - The Federer Forehand

This is a series of why I love Roger Federer, detailing every aspect of his game, on and off court.

Today is the Roger Federer forehand. It is a thing of beauty, unique amongst his peers in execution and beauty. I particularly love the forehand up the line and the inside-out forehand.

Federer gets set for a forehand

Federer prepares to strike a forehand

Federer prepares for the moment of impact on his forehand

Federer skips around the backhand to hit a trademark inside-out forehand

I love this image of Federer's forehand in action

Look at the follow-through on this Federer forehand!

Have a look at Federer's forehand in slow-motion. It's amazing!

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